Title: The Bane of My Existence 
Rating: M/NC-17 
Summary: In this world, werewolves roam the forests by night as a pack, and endure school during the day as a pack. For soon-to-be Alpha of his local pack, that means only one thing to Kurt Hummel: giving up the true love of his life to get mated off to the soon-to-be Alpha of the neighboring pack. But, if one Sebastian Smythe has anything to say about it, Kurt will be forgetting all about his little “crush”. 
Pairings: est. Klaine/ Kurtbastian endgame. Finchel. Niff. OC/OC. Blaine/OC endgame. 
Chapter: 10/29 
Read On: AO3,Sebklaine.net, or Read below! 
Note: Obviously, I don’t own Glee. I’d like to thank thesearemyrandomthoughts (tumblr) for beta-ing :D

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kurtaveclarcenciel posted this prompt and I decided to give it a shot. I hope I didn’t ruin it.


Sebastian groaned when heard the voice and pulled away from his boyfriend, knowing Kurt wasn’t going to ignore his father. “I’ll be right back,” he said before getting off the bed and leaving the room. Sebastian sat on the end of the bed and leaned over, resting his head in his hands. 

A few minutes later, Kurt still wasn’t back. Sebastian shifted on the bed so he was laying on his back with his head almost touching the floor. He dragged his finger across the carpet, trying to find some way to entertain himself until Kurt came back. His eyes moved around the room, noticing how clean everything was. Something under the dresser caught his eye and he stopped and let his body fall off the bed so he could crawl closer. 

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Ahhhhhhh Thank you!!! I love jealous!Sebastian!! :)


Summary: Kurt shares his dinosaur stickers with his class. Even the new kid.

Kurt gave his dad a goodbye hug and opened the door to his classroom, walking inside. He stopped at his cubbyhole and took his jacket off to hang it up inside. Carrying a sheet of shiny stickers with him, he…


Word Count: 2800+

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: some trans* phobia, pegging, oral sex

Summary: ftm!Kurt pegging pansexual!Sebastian with some plot.

A/N: So I’ve felt sick all weekend and I have two other things I am supposed to be writing but when I saw a post about this idea I just couldn’t get it out of my brain so here it is! I want to address the fact that Kurt’s actual physical anatomy is what he refers to as his cock, not the packer, it should all make sense while you’re reading it :3

Kurt Hummel strolled down the hallways of McKinley High, books clutched tightly to his chest, head tilted down and eyes cautiously scanning the path ahead. He pretended not to hear the whispers, blocked out the hushed tones coming from his peers as he made his way to Glee Club.

“Did you hear? Kate’s calling herself a boy now!”

“I don’t get it, she’s such a pretty girl.”

The snide remarks and insensitive comments felt considerably less painful than lying about who he really was.

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Author: StarGleekLover

Pairings: Seblaine friendship, mention of a past relationship, Kurtbastian

Ratings: PG

Summary: Coming up with an anniversary present is hard. Especially at the very last minute.

A/N: Writing on sleep deprivation for the third day straight…yay…


“Hey Bas,” Blaine grins as he hops into Sebastian’s car “Why’d you call me?” He notices Sebastian’s hands clutched firmly around the wheel, knuckles a ghostly white. “Sebastian?”

He doesn’t receive a reply, instead Sebastian speeds away from the driveway, heading onto the highway.

“Okay, chill Bas. What’s eating you?”

He still doesn’t receive a response and he is considering poking Sebastian firmly when a panicked voice rushes out of Sebastian’s mouth. “Our anniversary is tomorrow!”

Blaine blinks in surprise, “Yeah, so?” he takes in the look of absolute horror on Sebastian’s face as he puts the pieces together. “Wait, isn’t this like the third time you’ve forgotten your anniversary? In a row?”

“Yes…” Sebastian groans, flinging his head back until it hits the headrest with a soft thump. “You’re the romantic, Blainers. Help me think of something. Plus you did date him for a while.” Sebastian scowls a little at the reminder of Kurt’s past love life.

Blaine acknowledges the reference distractedly, brain cells firing. “Has his likes changed?”

“Um, still cars, clothes and musicals.…But that doesn’t inspire anything. None of these would be special enough.!”

“Okay,” Blaine says tiredly, “what does he want for your anniversary? Has he dropped any hints?”

Sebastian frowns as they pull off the highway until they’re reaching an empty field. “I…wouldn’t know.” Sebastian confesses, hiding his face. “I’ve been really busy at work lately, I’ve hardly had the time to see him, let alone talk to him.”

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The last line. LOL


Title: It’s Just a Facade

Rating: T. Kind of..

Word Count: 2,000+

Completed: Yes


  Blaine and Kurt are best buds and they are really popular in McKinley and they get too overwhelmed because of all the girls trying to hook up with them or something and they decide to pretend to be a couple so all of the girls would back off then kljsdaklsjfsdf they fall in love’



Blaine was sitting on Kurt’s bed, looking through a Sport’s Illustrated and unfolding a long picture of some woman in a bikini. He tilted his head, quickly refolding it and tossing the magazine on the floor.

“This doesn’t relate to my first question, but how does someone have that big of boobs? Wouldn’t she just, like fall over?”

Kurt chuckled, picking up the magazine and putting it back on his desk. “I don’t know, I mean girls walk in high heels, so I guess they just naturally defy gravity.”

“There was nothing natural about her boobs.”

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Title: When You Were Fifteen

Rating: PG (eventual NC-17)

Pairing: Kurtbastian (au)

Warnings: None.

Summary: Set in the final year of college. Kurt and Sebastian ended up room mates in NYADA together and found a friendship. Kurt and Blaine split up before college but it was…


Part 1 | Part 2

Wordcount: 2000+

Rating: PG (for now)

Chapter Summary: Kurt helps Blaine get a date with Sebastian, having his own little plan in his head.. And it’s about to go disastrously.

Beta’d by the ever-awesome Heidi :)

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Summary: I just love me some angry Blaine. Blaine is boxing in the gym after the fight with Sam, and Kurt tries to calm him down.

Rated: NC-17

Word count: 1,659


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